Add Note: Marking Notes

Is it legal to mark notes? Yes! Although certain forms of note marking is not encouraged, simply writing the URL of this website on the note is not illegal (at this time). The note will NOT be destroyed by any banks (only the Bank of Canada decides when notes are removed from circulation) and you won't get into trouble.

Many people don't believe us, including people who actually should know better, such as bank staff. So, to clear up the confusion, here is an email from a representative of the Bank of Canada to one of our users. This email is also listed in question 5 of our Notes & Hits FAQ, which you can bookmark for future reference.

Date: Tue October 29, 2002 11:04 AM
To:   Bishop
From: Bank of Canada
The Bank of Canada is aware that certain groups stamp Canadian bank notes in order to track their journey throughout Canada.

While neither the Bank Act nor the Criminal Code deal with the mutilation or defacement of bank notes, the Bank of Canada strongly objects to any mutilation or defacement of bank notes including simple markings similar to your example. All writing on notes limits their life. Such instances of mutilation and defacement carry a cost associated with them due to accelerated requirements for note replacement. Further, the mutilation and defacement of notes is not condoned as Canadian currency is a symbol and source of national pride.

Having said this, the bank note you possess remains legal tender and can be used in commercial transactions.

I hope this information will be helpful and thank you for your interest in Canadian currency.

Sylvie Dionne
Bank Note Communication and Compliance Team
Bank of Canada
1 888 513-8212

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