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Date: 2022-09-02  
Author: dogman  
Subject: How can we HELP?

I remember many years ago all the time and attention Dr . gave to the site, now many years later and his excellent programing has allowed the site to run smoothly. Now there have been a few problems , but heck we all need maintenance once in a while. His commitment to the site is admiral keeping it running for those addicted to the site with no request for money so out of his own pocket.. Now how can we help I think that a dues based service would be in order with the first year $5.00 after a 90 day free trial , then a dollar per year added to the yearly dues so if a member has been on the site 15 years his/her rate would be $20.00 . Grandfather the dues so they start in 2022 for $5.00 and the yearly increase would start in 2023. I would be more than happy to pay my dues. Entering marked bills would always be free and if they took the free trial after 90 days a person should know if they want to pay to stay. I will be on the site 18 years in November and would be happy to pay my dues in marked fives of course.

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