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Date: 2009-04-23
Author: CalamityJanet
Subject: saskatoon coffee meeting - minutes


Well, we had a 67% increase in attendance this morning. In attendance in order of arrival: BankCollector, CalamityJanet (who had to wait forever because BC was holding up the line ordering so many muffins and donuts) Sarge, Dr. JD Fever and finally Pooga, who arrived 15 minutes into the meeting, he said he was on time, I guess we were just early.

Important topics of the meeting were:
Google maps, who has seen the van, who has trapped the van in a convoy cough BC cough, and how far behing google maps are in the satellite view
Sarge's letter to the editor in Tuesday's StarPhoenix “Look at moving military museum to Mendel site”
oh, and also, we are to buy our booze at the Liquor Board Store on 8th Street until August or further notice. (yes Sarge, I know it is not the LBS, but they change the name every 2 years and I don't remember what we are currently calling the Board Store :P)
City bridge planning, present and future
The abundance of muffins and donuts left over for those that did not show up.
We will now be holding these morning meetings every six weeks with the next one being Thursday, June 4, 2009, at Timmy's in the airport. Ha ha, just kidding, it would take longer to get through that line than the one at security. The next meeting will be June 4 at the Timmy's by SaskPlace or Credit Union Centre, whatever its called this week, you know, by the Husky, the Motel 6, on Marquis Drive. 7AM sharp, Pooga, you may come at 7:15.
Speaking of Pooga, after he left we were able to discuss the secret (or not so secret) location for great sandbox sand.
Lastly, Lake Deifenbaker.

We will be discussing the provincial gathering at that meeting. Okay we discuss it at every meeting, but we will definitely be discussing it at the next one.

As usual if I missed anything, please add.

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