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Date: 2015-03-21  
Subject: if you listen closely you can hear me ....

I must pull out the old soap box one more time and dust it off. Three steps up and I am ready to RANT.
I spend a fair bit of time on the site (not as much as I did seven years back) and I enjoy marking my bills and spending them in hopes that they will be logged here so I may watch the travels. Now in all my years here I have entered thousands upon thousands of bills marked them and spent them. I have never deposited them into a bank and try to rotate fellow trackers bills as fast as I can. I do not think I have ever in my over ten years on this site ever had a 30 hit week in fact hits adding up to more than 20 per week are rare for me. Now I know we do not have an active Hit Heaven anymore nore do we have many features we use to but here is my new idea and I think it merits some thought or feedback. I think a hit should not be able to be registered unless the person entering the bill supplies the site with a user name. I would also like to see hit heaven up and running again and Pooga to get some help as a site assistant (NO I DO NOT WANT THE JOB) We started out with four site assistants and now we have only one. I am sure that there is at least one or two members who could handle this position. In closing if this site is to continue and be active and fun we the people must control and police the site. If there is problems lets take care of them and get this site back to the glory when DR. was so very active on it. I know life sometimes gets in the way of hobbies and projects and things get moved too the back burner but for the sake of having a well run site ... IF THE PARTY IS OVER TURN OUT THE LIGHTS AND SEND EVERYONE HOME. That will mean the thousands of marked bills out there will no longer be trackable gone for ever and over many years will finally fall out of circulation. However the site will be remembered for what it stood for and not turned into a poorly up and running joke.

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