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Date: 2015-07-29  
Subject: re: 200000 CLUB

Do the math buddy do the math. We are the only two in this area for some time as with daily limits entered it would take the closes active member some time to reach us. Number 3 and 4 on the list have not been active for years and you Movie know how long it took for you to pass me.

1. movie-fan 210,316 Jul 28, 2015
2. BANKCOLLECTOR 200,709 Jul 28, 2015
3. JaketheDrifter 78,840 Oct 29, 2010
4. Idjit 77,240 Mar 29, 2010
5. Sweetie 69,310 Jul 5, 2011
6. pukpukg 50,740 Apr 21, 2008
7. Pooga 42,981 Jul 24, 2015

math : 300 entries day x 7 days a week added to pooga's score would take him how many weeks to reach the 200000 level?

It is fantastic that pooga is the next active member in line to be able to move up past four members who have been dormant for years. Keep on tracking well keep the light on for you. (with DR 's graces that is)

[ message was edited on: 2015/07/29 ]


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