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The database contains 3,856,828 notes totalling $ 50,369,478.

Anonymous Note Entry

If you do not wish to register for this site, please add the note to our system so that others can track where this note has been.

You are encouraged to register for the Canadian Money Tracker system. Registration is easy, requires only your name, a username, and your e-mail address and can be done in under one minute on the registration page. And we promise not to give out any of your information... ever. You can read our privacy policy for more details.

Some of the benefits of registering are:

  • you can be notified via e-mail when you receive hit on notes you've entered
  • you can track how many notes you've entered and where they have been
  • you can post messages on the message boards
  • you can receive [anonymous] email from other users of the site
  • you can create a profile for yourself, and view other users' profiles

If you have any questions about registering or problems doing so, please feel free to email the site administrators.

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