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The database contains 3,838,222 notes totalling $ 50,155,228.

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Privacy Policy

Version 1.1.0 (24 May 2006)

We don't want your personal information. We ask for it, but we don't really want it. That is to say that if we could get by without it we would. It's against the law to release or sell your information without your permission. But even if it weren't against the law, we still wouldn't release your information because all we want to do is track Canadian bank notes.

Use of Information
The only personal information we require to take part in the fun here at the site is your name and e-mail address. We need your name and e-mail address in order to ensure that people are honest and don't falsify money input. It's not that it really matters per se, it's more a case of we don't want some person with ill intent spoiling the fun.

The remaining information on registration, such as age and gender, are not required to register and if given, are only used to compile stats like 'have males or females had more hits' or 'what age range is generating the most hits', all of which will soon be freely viewable on our stats page. And all the stats are generalized; there are no specifics about any particular user, except for various lists which will mroe than likely contain the usernames of various users.

You can also enter in additional information about yourself, such as your default postal code, a brief overview and a complete profile. Via the preferences page, you can control what information is displayed to other users on the site. All such options start with 'Allow others to...' and will allow you to customize how much other users can see about you. Certain contact information, such as instant messenger info, will always be displayed, but as such, is completely optional.

Use of Email Addresses
We will never release your email address to anyone. We will, however, use your e-mail address to send you reports on hits and changes to the website. But we won't do that unsolicited; you have to change your preferences before we'll send any email to you.

Note Entries
When you enter in a bank note, you must specify a postal code. The postal code used can be your home postal code or the postal code of where you received the note, but you must enter in a postal code nonetheless. That postal code is then used to track the travels of the bank note. You can also specify comments about the note, such as where you got it specifically or where you spent it. That said, a user could, in theory, use such details to gather information about you. For example, if a user is browsing through various entries, they may be able to determine that you're a coffee drinker who frequents coffee shops on 17th Avenue SW in Calgary, Alberta. Why anyone might care is beyond us, but we live in a bizarre world. In any case, you have been warned. And registered users can click on a location of an entry and see a map of where that note was entered. The accuracy of that map is determined by the map provider and by the data used to match postal codes to lat/long coordinates. For example, this note was first entered using the postal code T2S 2S5; and the resulting map, when zoomed in is fairly accurate (you can do a reverse lookup at the Canada Post website). If you aren't happy with the information that might be gathered or the potential accuracy of the mapping but still want to use the site, there are options.

Final Words
If you have any doubts about your privacy, you can hide your information, remove any optional information, use the site anonymously or simply don't use the site at all. The choice is always yours.

Contact Us
If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

Unless otherwise noted, all content on this site is copyright © 1999-2011  Ensure you agree to the terms of use and the general code of conduct before using this site. If you have questions about privacy, read the fine print. The help and FAQ should be useful if you're new. For all other questions, contact us.