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The database contains 3,004,315 notes totalling $ 43,450,353.

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Subject * Author Date
December hits guess winner [X]BDKINGSTON2020-01-09
     re: December hits guess winnermovie-fan2020-01-09
November hits guess winner [X]BDKINGSTON2019-12-08
     re: November hits guess winnermovie-fan2019-12-11
October hits guess winner [X]BDKINGSTON2019-11-07
     re: October hits guess winnerPooga2019-11-08
     re: October hits guess winnerBDKINGSTON2019-11-08
     re: October hits guess winnermovie-fan2019-11-08
     re: October hits guess winnerBDKINGSTON2019-11-08
Sept hits guess winner [X]BDKINGSTON2019-10-07
     re: Sept hits guess winnerCityscape2019-10-07
     re: Sept hits guess winnerBDKINGSTON2019-10-07
     re: Sept hits guess winnermovie-fan2019-10-08
     re: Sept hits guess winnerBDKINGSTON2019-10-08
     re: Sept hits guess winnermovie-fan2019-10-10
August hits guess winner [X]BDKINGSTON2019-09-07
     re: August hits guess winnerSuzuki2019-09-09
     re: August hits guess winnermovie-fan2019-09-11
july hits guess winner [X]BDKINGSTON2019-08-07
     re: july hits guess winnermovie-fan2019-08-07
June hits guess winer [X]BDKINGSTON2019-07-07
     re: June hits guess winermovie-fan2019-07-09
     re: June hits guess winerCityscape2019-07-09
May hits guess winner [X]BDKINGSTON2019-06-09
     re: May hits guess winnermovie-fan2019-06-14

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