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Date: 2013-05-07  
Subject: future seeding

Well as you old timers on this site will remember JD Fever and I were (still are) friends who travel in the same circles. Eight years ago we were on a day trip together travel took us to Lake Diefenbaker and Elbow Sask. While in Elbow we went to the Lakeside Marina and I put my name on the wait list for a slip at the marina. When we walked out of the Marina that day JD questioned why I would put my name on a list for a slip when I did not own a boat... My reply was when they call me and tell me I have a space that is the time I will go get a boat. Well they called me in April and I took the slip at once. My wife thought (or I simple confirmed) I was nuts when I came dancing out to the living room with my good news. Funny she asked the same question JD asked years ago you have a slip at a marina and no boat. My answer was simple we gotta go buy a boat. Now that was not what she wanted to hear as she has wanted some things done around the house and here I was jumping the cue again. So long story made short we went to Prince Albert and bought our (my) dream boat. A fishing pontoon boat with some party boat features to appeal to the Admiral. Funny how that worked out I told my wife I was the Captain of the boat and her reply without missing a beat was ... that is fine every Admiral needs a Captain. (SNAP). So we now have a boat after two visits to PA one to pick a boat and buy it and the second visit to pick it up. Seeded Prince Albert with marked money while there (no I did not pay for the boat in cash). Now we have made one trip to Elbow to scout things out and found the town in much like a ghost town from November to May. Our next visit will to be when we place the boat into the water for the season and take our maiden voyage. learn all the boat features and work out all the bugs playing with all the toys. I expect that Elbow will see more marked money this summer than it has seen in the last 10 years combined. I will have $5000. worth of stamped fives ready to spend on these trips to Elbow this summer and think that those bills will create a bit of a stir is such a small town. Time will tell if this seeding will result in many hits from the area and I do hope we get one or more trackers in the area. Time will tell time will tell. JD Fever when (if) you read this call me we have a fishing trip to plan (or more than one) as promised when I put my name down on the wait list and told you my plan. HAPPY TRACKING AND FISHING TO YOU ALL.


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