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The database contains 3,838,222 notes totalling $ 50,155,228.

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Date: 2010-01-25  
Author: eroom29  
Subject: re: OK now what?

Greetings...and welcome!

Here's my response to your question; please be assured that if my answer is in any way misleading, there will be plenty who will jump at the opportunity to set the record straight.

Once you have registered with the Canadian Money Tracker web site, click on the "add note" box at the top of the homepage. Then when the window opens up, enter the serial number (three letters and seven digits), enter the denomination, set the date and time (if not already set), add the postal code, enter the condition of the note (clicking on the question mark after the box will give you an explanation/description of each of the grades/conditions as recognized by those in the know), add some comments (such as where you got the note, anything that may make this particular note unique [bank teller stamps, words, numbers and/or notes that someone has written on the note/bill], and possibly where/how you anticipate spending the money.

All that's left to do is click on the "add new note" button...and you've successfully entered you note/bill and you've opened yourself up to a whole new hobby that some would claim can be addictive....

Hope this helps...and happy tracking!

Roger eroom29


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