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Date: 2011-02-25  
Author: fordjae  
Subject: Stamps for Newbies 2.0

Hey all,

Rose Marking Devices in Saskatoon has put together a money tracking package (at my request).

For $50.60 the package includes:
1 Obverse Stamp
1 Reverse Stamp
1 Stamp Pad
1 Bottle Quick Dry Ink

The obverse (front) stamp reads:

Track this banknote online:

The reverse (back) stamp reads:

Enter serial # at -----
| -

It looks better than I've described it. The back stamp actually wraps around the note's serial #, so it's pretty convincing.

schnits, alexmacp, and sprints are all using this package, and they're all quite satisfied. If you're interested in ordering, just msg me and I'll hook you up.



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