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The database contains 2,870,678 notes totalling $ 42,231,438.

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Top Teams
 TeamCMT Score
1.  The Under-Dogs460.2036
2.  Team Saska2n326.6634
3.  Team Saskabush310.0877
4.  Team South Sask261.6567
5.  Team Saskatoba189.7308
6.  Toon Town Trackers166.0629
7.  Hit Hunters160.1907
8.  The Saskville Connection132.6169
9.  Hit N' Run126.1710
10.  The Animaniacs92.7497
11.  Treasure Chests91.7375
12.  Fast Trackers91.4862
13.  Team Bubble Makers77.6386
14.  Team West72.5829
15.  Team Jaded63.9497
16.  Soccer Babes60.0493
17.  The Originals48.6846
18.  Team Canadian20.4692
19.  Hit-Men7.8575
20.  Team Quebec2.5198

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